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Caspar Bellamy

Caspar Bellamy, the quartet's second violinist, was born into a musical family; his father is a cellist (Pieter Wispelwey) and his mother is a baroque oboist (Alexandra Bellamy). For this reason, his interest in classical music arose at an early age, and he has since played in several Dutch youth orchestras (including a concertmaster position with the Netherlands Youth String Orchestra) and has been taught by, among others, Coosje Wijzenbeek, Wiesje Miedema and currently Peter Brunt at the Conservatory of Music. Amsterdam. From the age of 12 he attended chamber music camp Pro Corda in England, Sussex, where his deep passion for chamber music arose.

Tasks: publicity, contact outside CvA incl. concerts, network, Instagram

Strengths: taking initiative, good preparation, negotiating, speaking in front of an audience

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