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Elin Haver

Elin Haver (2003) started taking violin lessons with Wiesje Miedema at the age of four. Via Vivaldi, Komarovsky and Accolay, she entered the Sweelinck Academy for Young Talent at the age of 12. There she discovered the viola and was captivated by its sound. In 2018 she switched permanently and took lessons from Judith Wijzenbeek. During her time at the Sweelinck Academy, Elin won several prizes, such as the Honorable Mention and the Audience Award in the National Final of the Princess Christina Competition. She has been in the Ricciotti Ensemble since 2022, where she can combine her passion for music and meeting people. Elin currently studies with Francien Schatborn at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Tasks: social involvement, crowdfunding

Strengths: positivity, character, contact with the audience

Photo by ©Lina Belqaid

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